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Half in Love with Elisabeth

The Autonomous Africa series curated by JD Twitch has been set up to support African charities such as the Mtandika Mission in Tanzania. This charity specifically is a rather personal one for Midland - his parents helped set it up in the late 90s. Safi has been picked by the producer, now living in London, for the third instalment and has almost hypnotising qualities. It impresses with tribal drum patterns and a humming bass line that will most definitely get you dancing.

picture by David Kennedy

I've been eyeing up the jumpers and tees from Millionhands for months and months - what finally convinced me was another limited edition shirt in collaboration with R&S Records. 
Millionhands have been going since 2009, releasing high quality limited edition clothing in partnership with labels such as Visionquest, Let's Play House and the mighty R&S Records. It really is a friends for friends operation that has now grown into a great company you can only respect. 

My charcoal speckled tee is one of my current favourites. Make sure to check out their current collection!

The newest addition to the Kompakt family are Dutch duo Weval. The first single Gimme Some from their new EP has just been released today and it sounds very exciting.
Some more material can be found on their Soundcloud. I highly recommend the Half Age EP.

Ja Ja Ja is finally coming to Germany. After years of successful clubnights & festivals in the UK, this nordic affair is launching in Berlin tonight. The line-up is excellent and should not be missed. The event is part of the Play Nordic series...my obsession continues.

More information can be found here.
The official opening night will be on the 09.10. at FluxBau featuring Naomi Pilgrim, Alfred Hall & Blaue Blume.