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To buy or not to buy

By Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I've been playing with the idea of buying a SLR camera for quite a while now. After considering all my requirements (good quality pictures and possibly videos, but really only as a hobby) and my rather tight budget all the decent SLRs were out of the question. No way I can fork out £500+...
Instead I concentrated on digital compact cameras. They look decent enough to me and for a fraction of the price. My research brought me to photographyblog. I really love their reviews, they are extremely thorough and give you a good idea of picture and video quality. So far I cornered two models:

Panasonic Lumix FZ45
as seen here

Fujifilm FinePix S2950
as seen here

The Fujifilm got a few bad reviews as it apparently just stopped working after a couple of months. However the quality seems good and it is much cheaper than the Panasonic at around £110. I really need to get someone's opinion who's got a bit of knowledge regarding cameras. It would be pretty cool to treat myself for graduating soon.

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  1. I do photography at college but I'm not an expert ha! I personally think the Panasonic Lumix is better because although its slightly pricier, it's a really good camera and the quality is amazzing! My friend who also does photography has that camera and it's seriously good and the video quality is wicked aswell.
    SLR's are great but like you said, they are a bit pricy but the Lumix does everything my camera can do and it's just as good (I have a Cannon SLR 1000D)
    I cant really say much about the Fujifilm because I've never used it and I dont know anyone who has it but hopefully that helped a little bit :-)

  2. If you could, try to get a Canon Rebel! The quality is great and it's usually around £250+ (XS, T3, any of the older ones!) :D That way if you want to upgrade, you can still sell it high if it's in good condition.

  3. im in desperate need of a new camera x

  4. You should totally get one, even though they are a bit expensive, it's worth it!

    Little Petite

  5. looove the lumix camera, i want one so bad :P

  6. I've been wanting to buy a SLR camera as well, but I've never used any of those brands. Great blog, by the way!

  7. I got the Lumix Camera for christmas and I love it to bits, the picture quality is great! I've never had a Fujifilm camera before but my sister has and they are not the most reliable.
    I hope this helps
    love Coco x x x

  8. I've been looking for exactly the same thing, will definitely be checking out the lumix now! x


  9. BUUUUUUUY ITTTT. I have always wanted one. it will be worth it when you buy it!!!!! :)

    i am following you!!!