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By Saturday, April 21, 2012

In a bid to scrape together the money for a new camera (and to get rid of all the bin bags full of stuff I haven't worn in years) I'm listing some of my clothes on ebay.
Have a look through the first few items here! It's mostly the likes of American Apparel/Topshop/H&M. As soon as I can figure out how to get round the seller restrictions I'm going to list loads more! I've never actually sold anything on ebay, despite having an account since 2004, so it seems like they want to see my seller history for 3 months first before lifting anything.

By the way: I would like to respond to some of your comments but this custom template doesn't even have a reply button?! How do I sort this out? I don't really want to reset the entire template.

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  1. Hi Elisabeth,
    lovely blog <3; following you now.


  2. love these outfits! i think yellow is so hard to wear, u do it perfectly:)

  3. This is awesome :) I found your blog through a friend's blog and I love it! You can probably tell that I'm looking for new blogs haha, if you want to follow each other, let me know in a comment :3 Mine's www.elly-vickere.com

    Hope to speak soon lovely girl! x

  4. very good :) please visit my new blog and follow if you want "http://ourmelodyblog.blogspot.pt/ " xoxo

  5. love those sherbert trousers! x

  6. Beautiful and very inspiring posts and blog! We share the same passion so let's follow each other!:)
    Please take a look at my blog and let me know if you wanna be fashion friends!

  7. nice outfits! :)

    and great blog! :)
    it would be nice if you visit my blog too :)


  8. Good luck with the sale! You've got some lovely things, unfortunately nothing in my size - boo. I definitely need to have a clear out soon...

  9. Good luck with your sale! I'm trying to gather all my things to hold a sale of my own so I can get a camera.