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Philip Kingsley Maximizer

By Monday, July 23, 2012

I have fine hair and not a lot of it so whatever I can do to perk it up I will. My daily haircare routine include a volume shampoo and the amazing K√©rastase Nutritive Masquintense Fine (which I've banged on about here already) and both together are doing an ok job. What really matters though is the volume spray and hairspray I put in after. For over a year now I had been using TRESemme 24 Hour Root Boosting Spray (available here) and I thought I was happy with it. It gave my hair at least some grip but without a healthy amount of hairspray straight after the volume was also pretty much gone after a couple of hours.

I recently discovered the Philip Kingsley Maximizer as the brand seems to be all over the place and is being stocked in the new M&S Beauty Hall in Stratford. It retails at £18.70 for 250ml which is probably the most expensive volume spray I have bought so far but the bottle is generous and you don't need more than about 5-6 pumps. As soon as your hair is washed and towel dry you spray the Maximizer into the roots and then dry and style as usual. The results for me were instant and impressive, my hair felt soft but full of body. The best part being that this volume didn't disappear after a couple of hours but lasted all day. I don't even really have to use hairspray anymore as the Maximizer is more than enough to make my hair look good. This is one of my absolute favourites at the moment and I'm so happy to have bought it. 

The Philip Kingsley Maximizer is available at, for example, lookfantastic.

Have you tried any other Philip Kingsley products? I am keen to explore the range further.

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