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Apivita Intensive Hydration Mask with Cucumber

By Thursday, August 02, 2012

Apivita Intensive Hydration Mask with Cucumber, Marks & Spencer (£3)

I've never really been the one for scary looking beauty masks which get caky whilst you're supposed to relax but when this hydration mask came my way with the Glossybox a while back I was intrigued. As you may know hydration is a topic I am obsessed with and probably one of the top attributes I want from my skin care so this was tailored perfectly to my needs. The mask is supposed to refresh and rejuvenate as well as nourish and hydrate at the same time. It sounds ideal for the summer months when you don't want anything too heavy but still need to give your skin a boost from time to time. 
I first tried this out after a night out when my skin looked especially tired. This mask seriously perked me up! The consistency is rather creamy but light and you can easily put a whole sachet onto cleansed skin. After application leave it on for 10 minutes and feel your skin literally drink it up! The mask smells fresh, with a delicate note of cucumber. In case there is any residue left just wash it off and the skin will be soft and invigorated. I really enjoyed using this mask and my skin was very thankful! Since then I have repurchased the mask at Marks & Spencer and am tempted to try out Apivita's other masks, which can be found here

Apivita has produced this mask with 95% natural ingredients, it is paraben free and apparently exclusively introduces the substitution of water with green tea infusion to enhance the antioxidant action of their masks. Sounds great.

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