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Camilla Sparksss is creating her own rainbow

By Thursday, July 10, 2014

The music of Camilla Sparksss ist not your average easy listening summer jam. The first time I heard her album For You The Wild I was surprised. She's one half of the Duo Peter Kernel and moved to Switzerland to join the music scene from Canada. Let me assure you, Barbara Lehnhoff aka Camilla Sparksss, is taking her wild side with her. Her background is interesting: an upbringing in the wilderness, born at -27 degrees and hanging with wild brown bears when she was growing up. This all reflects in her music and it's great. This is dirty. It's electronic. It's vast synths. It's art pop. I mean check out her live show here - dancer included!

This disturbing video is one of my favourites by her:

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